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i'm ciel, and i write fanfic! i'm no longer into enstars, so my twitter account is on a semi-permanent hiatus. thank you for understanding :)

notes about my account:

・my twitter account is permalocked because i just want to be left alone. please respect that. frq is always okay though!・i like to retweet the art that my friends make, but otherwise i don't retweet a lot of things, so my account may occasionally be quiet.・if you're blocked, it's either because you think it's acceptable to harass people, your politics or ideologies are dangerous, or you got caught in a chainblock i ran on a person or post that fits those criteria. i will not unblock you; please don't ask.

before you send me anything on marshmallow, please read this list of guidelines. i will not answer anything that doesn't comply with them!

i will not interact with nsfw, ship or character hate, politics, or discoursedo not ask me where to find translationsdon't ask for the password to my translation blog, or inquire about my old translation blog in any way. i put a password on it because my terms were knowingly and maliciously disrespected and continue to be disrespected, and due to that i will not be unlocking iti still am not taking requests for character/ship analysis essays, but i'm always happy to discuss the story on a more casual level! please do not send me "prompts" expecting essays or vaguely ask for my "thoughts" on something, and please don't ask me to summarize the story or parts of the story for you. further clarification on this point here★ please don't ask why certain ships are considered problematic. you can see here for my thoughts, and i don't have anything new to add about this either. here's a nice video explaining persecution complexes, for more context☆ you can find all of the analyses and essays i've written for enstars on my tumblr. the list is filterable, so feel free to look through it to see if i've talked about something before already!

enstarsP with a 2wink bias!

☆ 2wink \ crazy:b \ eden
fine \ 旧1A \ model trio
drama club \ oddballs ★


fixed ships


flexible ships


☆ i'm a multishipper (but i monoship izumi)
★ links redirect to fics i've written for those ships
☆ otps are bolded
★ this isn't a comprehensive list
☆ i don't care about romance tbh; i just like exploring character dynamics
★ that said, i ship makoizu 90% romantically
☆ order is representative of nonsexually dominant and submissive roles, rather than top/bottom


enstars appellations
an ongoing project where i track down every appellation in canon with some crowdsourced help. this project will be hosted on my new tumblr once it's set up. if you'd like to help, please let me know!
enstars story timeline
a complete timeline of the stories in enstars canon. organized by chapter instead of by whole story. i update this as i read the story. this project will also be hosted on my new tumblr!
enstars event timeline
a complete timeline of the events in enstars—predominantly those which are not seen on-screen in the story and therefore can't fit on the story timeline. this includes stuff like the history of the idol industry, family histories, etc. this will also be hosted on my new tumblr eventually!
enstars meta analyses
i've written well over 60k words of enstars analysis because i have a brain disease. all of my thoughts are linked in a filterable list on my tumblr!
fantasy au
an original fantasy au that takes inspiration from various sources, including but not limited to tales of symphonia, ar tonelico, and proto-indo-european mythology. you can find more information about the au on my blog!
i write fic! i don't have too much of a bias, but i really enjoy writing character studies and exploring darker themes